Authorship vs Readership

Where does comprehension originate? Are oral and visual imagery accountable to their conceiver, audience, both or neither? I don’t presume to know the answer. I simply explore. This is my first version.

Identifiers Coexistence or Nonexistence?

My figures are for all imaginative purposes when first conceived in black and white line, colorless, transparent, non-substantive. The line has no content within. It’s shaping of idea, thought, idea, is through a choreographed lapping and traversing of space/time. That property has always been my intrigue and intent, thus selection of the line to depict the human experience.

As I stared at CUP#10 as an artist, it conveyed. I needed hone my intent by recontextualizing more of Dr. Seuss’ Sneeches children’s story. I felt the need not because I’d not communicated my defense of authorship, but because my identification as an author, creator and originator of ideas usurped another identifier. Because I am white and recent political unrest associated with Dr Seuss has roots in racial equality in representation, my authorship could be read differently. I realized by default, using Seuss to satire, there was an additional symbolism that could be attached to my normal, uninhabited figures. Coupled with the treatment of the driver, I’d not followed Dr Seuss’ story visually and fully the end. Below is the amended version.

Why does this matter?