Get Living Video

J. Balser Inc., Get Living Still Life, Goodwill lamp, oil paint, and neglected cemetery, 2019.

Jennifer had a $10 Goodwill lamp, but suddenly where Jennifer filmed the video became important. After a couple of minutes, Jennifer remembered a cemetery just up the street from her house that had moved her because it was so poorly attended.

The concept of a lamp is charged with symbolism, electricity, illumination, guidance.

At the site instead of feeling remorse for those who were gone, Jennifer started to feel an urgency for life. There were abandoned maintenance tools, sun bleached plastic flowers which looked to have been purchased in the seventies, urns overturned and the surrounding woods slowly reclaimed.

I found myself thinking about the absoluteness of a lamp. Light on. Light off. Life on. Life off.

Time does not pass. On the contrary, time is constant and its existence verses humans never more apparent.

J. Balser Inc., Get Living Lamp, 2019, 24x18x12 inches, oil and spray paint on Goodwill lamp.